The Truth About Dairy

  • Do you consume dairy?
  • Do you think it is good for you?
  • Just because you have been told something your whole life, does not mean it is true.
  • If you consume dairy – if you drink cow’s milk, eat cheese, butter, ice cream made with cow’s milk – then you really should read this.
  • There are no gory photos – no accusations or judgment –
  • just the facts.
  • Please just read so you know the issues and can educate yourself.

Did you know that the dairy industry has been lying to you?

They have you believing you need cow’s milk for strong bones.

The truth is as follows:

The countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

There are many healthier sources of calcium, such as spinach and almonds.

Think you need cow’s milk for vitamin D?  Cow’s milk does not even naturally contain vitamin D – it is fortified with it.  Vitamin D comes from the sun – not cow’s milk.

Please research The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.  Casein from cow’s milk is arguably one of the most carcinogenic substances we consume.

If you don’t care all that much about your health –

what about this –

are you really okay eating the following?

  • PUS
  • PESTICIDES, just to name a few.

because that is what’s in your milk!

(Even if you buy organic and grass-fed and all that other nonsense merely marketed to get you to overlook the facts.)

What if you don’t care about your health or about consuming really disgusting stuff?

Well, then maybe you have a heart.

Maybe knowing that dairy cows have the most miserable lives of any factory farmed animal, imho, because they are raped and forced to have babies so we can take the babies away from them after only 24 hours and steal the milk meant for those babies, while the babies are either forced into the same miserable life if they are female, or are killed shortly for veal if they are male.  Maybe that is enough to keep you from consuming dairy.

What if you really don’t care at all about your health or what you eat or about being morally and ethically decent and you only care that you like the taste of cow’s milk?

Well, here’s what I say to that –

There is rice milk, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, oat milk, 7 grain milk, hemp milk, hazelnut milk, and many more.  I am sure you can find at least one that you like.

I love 7 grain milk in my cereal, hazelnut milk in my coffee, and soy milk for baking.

I also love all the wonderful coconut and soy based ice creams available.

My personal favorite is So Delicious’s cookie dough!

Also – tofutti sour cream is indistinguishable from sour cream made from cow.  And there are cream cheeses and cheeses and butters, all made without any secretions from a living animal.

So – I hope I have explained the situation well and given you enough reasons to at least do some research on your own and learn that there is no reason at all to consume dairy.

We are the only species to drink the milk of another species.  It is not natural.  It is cruel.  It is unhealthy.  And frankly – it is really strange and creepy when you think about it.

Happy researching,

Please message me with any questions or for more nondairy recommendations!

And please check out these links.

Know all the facts before you and your loved ones consume dairy!

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